“Llévame a Farafangana” en Casa África


“Llévame a Farafangana” en Casa África


Wednesday, 27th February. Yesterday in the Casa Africa building in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the novel "Take me Farafangana" by the surgeon José Manuel Devesa was presented. The Director General of Casa Africa, Santiago Martinez-Caro, was there, along with the author and the president of Women For Africa, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega. 

The Women For Africa Foundation has sponsored the publication of this novel, in which the author uses great realism and sensitivity to show the drama of women who suffer from obstetric fistula, a condition that despite its great prevalence in Africa is practically unknown in our society. It is a terrible consequence of complications in childbirth without proper healthcare that condemns those who suffer from it not only to the affliction itself but also to exclusion and social rejection from their community and even from their family. 

During the presentation ceremony, Fernandez de la Vega asked how it is possible that in the 21st century more than two million African women suffer from an ailment that could be prevented simply with good practices and proper maternal and child care. 

By sponsoring the novel, the Women For Africa Foundation aims to help raise awareness of this situation. It forms part of its Stop Fistula project, which will start in Liberia next April. To launch the project, an agreement has already been signed with the government of Liberia, whose president is the Nobel prize winner and board member of the foundation, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. The most relevant action taken in Stop Fistula is the opening of a fistula unit dedicated solely to surgical operations on this affliction, in the St. Joseph Hospital in Monrovia. In addition, this centre will assist young ladies under 18 with their first births, who are the ones most at risk from suffering from a fistula. All of this is to be done free of charge. 

The Stop Fistula project also includes preventive measures and ways of strengthening maternal and child health, as well as training for healthcare staff.

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