World Day against Malaria


World Day against Malaria

Madrid. Thursday, 25th April, 2012. The Women For Africa Foundation is today joining in the celebration of World Malaria Day, instituted in 2007 by the World Health Organization. 


Thanks to increased measures regarding prevention and control, deaths due to malaria are declining significantly in many places. Since the 2000s, the malaria mortality rate has dropped by more than 25% around the world and 33% in Africa, the continent with the most child deaths. Every minute one African child dies from malaria. Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo account for more than 40% of the total number of fatalities from malaria worldwide. 


Combating malaria is the goal of one of the projects in the Women For Africa Foundation’s 2013 Action Plan, “Painting Africa. AWAM (African Women against Malaria)”. This will be carried out in the town of Ahwiam in Ghana, in collaboration with the CYCA Foundation, which is chaired by the Valencian scientist Pilar Mateo. The project is intended to improve people’s health through awareness and by training women to transform their districts or towns into environments free of diseases, especially malaria.  


The Inesfly treatment is part of this process. It involves sanitizing and painting houses with insecticide paint that helps fight malaria, and it has already been used successfully against other insect-borne diseases in places like El Chaco in Bolivia. 

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