Probitas Foundation grants aid to Stop Fistula


Probitas Foundation grants aid to Stop Fistula

27th June, 2016. The Probitas foundation has granted Women for Africa (Mujeres por África) economic aid of €40,000 to carry out surgical missions as part of the Stop Fistula project.

Thanks to this donation, which Probitas has granted within its annual tender for development aid projects, next autumn Women for Africa will carry out a surgical mission to Monrovia that will have a greater number of medical professionals and will last two weeks. Thus, it is hoped that between 70 and 90 women suffering from fistula will be operated on.

The Stop Fistula project, which Women for Africa began in Monrovia in 2013, intends to prevent and cure this affliction in three ways: preventively, by fostering access to healthcare services for the most vulnerable women such as young ladies giving birth to their first child; reparatory surgery, carried out on women already suffering from fistula; and educational and awareness-raising activities.

Since the project was launched, reparatory surgery has been performed on about a hundred women, approximately 1,800 birth deliveries have been assisted and over 2,000 medical consultations have been carried out. Moreover, training courses have been given to nearly 150 healthcare professionals and about 600 people in different towns.

Women for Africa is grateful to the Probitas Foundation for granting this aid, with which we hope that nearly 100 Liberian ladies may be freed from this affliction that affects over 2 million African women.

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