Mamá vino para quedarse (‘Mum has come to stay’), the winning tale in the 2nd ´Africa with an Ñ´literary contes


Mamá vino para quedarse (‘Mum has come to stay’), the winning tale in the 2nd ´Africa with an Ñ´literary contes

  • The award, worth €2,500, goes to Felisa Nchama Alogo Abuy from Equatorial Guinea. 
  • This time, the prize in the research work category was not awarded.

Madrid, 31st October 2017. Mamá vino para quedarse (‘Mum has come to stay’), by the Guinean Felisa Nchama Alogo Abuy, has been awarded first prize in the ‘Africa with an “Ñ”’ literary contest held by the Women for Africa Foundation in the narrative category. The prize is worth €2,500.

The jury, which comprised the novelists Belén Gopegui, Najat El Hachmi and Laura Freixas, underlined the authenticity and originality of the winning tale, as well as the central role the text gives to a character who is a mother, a role too often forgotten in literature.

Mamá vino para quedarse is an autobiographical story about personal achievement narrated by the main character—a young African woman suffering from a serious eye affliction who finds in her mother the inspiration necessary to face life with bravery and determination despite the obstacles she faces due to her situation as a woman with impaired eyesight.

In this second ‘Africa with an “N”’ competition, the prize in the research work category was not awarded. Out of a total of eight texts received, six were discarded for not meeting the requirements stipulated in the competition’s rules. After assessing the remaining works, the jury made up of the Hispanists Carolyn Richmond, Emilia Velasco and Ana Rodríguez Fischer justified their decision by stating that neither of them had the sufficient level of technical and stylistic quality to be worthy of such recognition.

In this second edition of the competition, a total of 18 stories and 8 research works were presented, coming from Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Morocco and Senegal.

The competition is an initiative by the Women for Africa Foundation to promote African women writers’ creativity in Spanish. It is part of the ‘Africa with an “Ñ”’ project, whose main aim is to encourage the presence of our language on the neighbouring content as a development tool.

The Women for Africa Foundation would like to thank the African women who sent their narratives and research works to the second edition of this contest.

About the winner


Felisa Nchama Alogo Abuy is 27 years old and moved to Spain when she was nine, after developing a glaucoma that caused her to lose 90% of her sight. Her first 10 years in our country were spent in Madrid with the NGO that handled her case. She then lived for five years with a foster family in Galicia, where she still lives today independently.

With a degree in Law from the University of Vigo, in her final year project Felisa did research into affirmative action steps to attain real equality for people with disabilities. “For me, this contest was a great opportunity to portray the role of women in African society, the main theme being the story of my mother with me,” explained the winner after hearing of the jury’s decision.

Read Mamá vino a quedarse (“Mum came to stay”)


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