Liberia’s Minister of Gender and Development visits the Foundation


Liberia’s Minister of Gender and Development visits the Foundation

Ministra de Liberia y Fernández de la Vega

Madrid, 20th  November 2012. Liberia’s Minister of Gender and Development, Julia Duncan Cassell, has been in Madrid in recent days following an invitation from the Mujeres por África Foundation.

The foundation is going to carry out a preventive project in Liberia to tackle obstetric fistula, one of the most serious problems affecting the health of African women. According to the UN, between 2 and 3.5 million women suffer from this worldwide, and most of them are in Africa.

Julia Duncan Cassell met the president of the Mujeres por África Foundation, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, at their headquarters, as well as the project’s team. The project will involve setting up a unit dedicated to preventing and treating the disease in a hospital in Monrovia.

In addition, the Minister’s agenda included an interview with Ana Mato, the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, and Trinidad Jimenez, the former Minister of Health and the PSOE spokesperson in the House of Representatives.

The Liberian President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is also on the foundation's Advisory Board.


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