The Girl of Recife comes to Women for Africa


The Girl of Recife comes to Women for Africa

The writer and Hispanist scholar Carolyn Richmond de Ayala, who is a friend and collaborator of the Women for Africa Foundation (MxA), has donated to a beautiful 70-year-old doll representing a young girl of African descent from Recife, Brazil.

The doll, which has been carefully restored by a specialist, was given by Carolyn Richmond to our president, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, at a meeting in which the donor read a tale written by her for the occasion, entitled “The Girl from Recife”, which tells the story of the doll.

Women for Africa—and especially its president—thank Carolyn Richmond for her generosity and promise to take care of the Girl of Recife with the love and care we bestow on women from Africa and of African descent, who are our true raison d’être in this organisation that they can call their home .

Here you can read the full story of "La Niña de Recife" in Spanish

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