European Women’s Lobby: Act Against Rape


European Women’s Lobby: Act Against Rape

Monday, 16th December, 2013. Next Thursday, 19th December, Madrid will host the European event "Act Against Rape! Use the Istanbul Convention!” Organized by the Spanish coordinators for the European Women's Lobby, the event is part of a joint project in collaboration with the Council of Europe. It forms part of a global activity that includes events in 33 countries across the continent during the 16 days of activism to combat violence against women.

This event is organized with the aim of initiating a public debate on criminal law as regards one of the most serious and devastating forms of gender violence, and placing it on the political agenda. This is a scourge that often does not even come to light. Indeed, according to some European studies, only between 2% and 10% of rapes are reported.  

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