AEDO WORLD: Women for Africa and Aedo Espadrilles walk side by side for to empower women.


AEDO WORLD: Women for Africa and Aedo Espadrilles walk side by side for to empower women.

Aedo Espadrilles, an iconic brand in the manufacture of artisan espadrilles, has decided to show its character of solidarity in its new Aedo World line: Using a new customiser on its website, users can select their preferred model and choose between nine ethnically inspired fabrics developed exclusively for this project. For each pair of espadrilles, Aedo will donate 50% of the sale price to the Women for Africa Foundation, because by supporting women they will be contributing to development for families and the economy, helping childhood and to make this world a better place.


The Women For Africa Foundation (Mujeres por África) works for sustainable economic and social development, human rights, justice, peace and dignity for people, and especially for the girls and women of Africa, because they are the continent’s true motor.

The Women for Africa Foundation concentrates its activity along four basic lines: education, healthcare, economic development and empowerment.

Out of all of the projects carried out by the foundation, for 2017 Aedo Espadrilles is going to focus its contributions on one specific project, which is beginning its second phase this year: Ghana Wins!


Ghana Wins! is a project that involves intensive training for the women of Ghana in order to strengthen their role in society, education and healthcare so that they may lead their country’s social transformation and development, thereby helping to empower women in this zone of Africa.

The initiative’s goals:

General Goal: To foster comprehensive training in leadership for Ghanaian women in three professional sectors: nursing, primary school teaching and social activism.

Specific Goal: To plan and implement action projects on the ground in nursing, teaching and social leadership in order to bolster the target beneficiaries’ leadership in their areas and thus multiply this initiative’s impact.

Ghana Wins! has three programmes for nurses, teachers and social activists, and is helping make women more visible for what they are: true motors of progress in Ghana.

The project is run in collaboration with New York University, the University of Ghana, the Winneba University of Education and Banco Santander. At Aedo Espadrilles, they wish to contribute in the way they can.

Authenticity, fashion and commitment come together to support unique women and make a fairer, more sustainable world.


Aedo was founded in the 1980s by Ramón Aedo and his sister Pilar, two restless entrepreneurs with a great innovative mindset that led them to introduce unique, high quality materials into espadrilles, such as suede, nubuk and fantasy fabrics.
   Thus, footwear from the past that used to be associated with agricultural labourers and other workers has become a fashionable product not only through its design but also via its connection with a lifestyle based on nature and tradition; with authenticity.     
   Today, Aedo is managed by the two founders’ children. It is undergoing expansion in international markets and is present on all the continents.
  Keeping up-to-date with the most modern trends in fashion and selecting innovative, quality materials, Aedo espadrilles are made one by one, which is why no two are the same. They are hand-sewn by expert craftspeople and the sole is made from natural jute.

For more information:
Carolina Gonzalo
Head of Communication
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