5th “African Women in Spain” Photography Contest


5th “African Women in Spain” Photography Contest

Thursday, 25th May, 2017. Once again this year, the Women for Africa Foundation (MxA) is celebrating Africa Day today, 25th May, with the photography contest “African Women in Spain”, which is now holding its fifth edition. This is one of Women for Africa’s most well-established initiatives. It aims to document and raise awareness about the true situation of African women resident in our country via images that show different aspects of the daily lives of those in this social group, which now numbers about half a million people.

There is a first prize of €1,250 for the best photograph and another of €500 for the runner-up. The contest opens today, 25th May, and lasts until 1st November, 2017. Those participating may do so exclusively through our website:www.mujeresporafrica.es.

The contest is open to professional and amateur photographers, who may take part with a maximum of three colour or black and white photos with the technical specifications set out in the contest’s rules (the pictures must be sent in JPG format with a resolution of between 1,000 and 3,000 pixels on their longest side, and with a maximum memory size of 2 MB).

The jury is made up of the gallerist and photographer Blanca Berlin, the photographer Alfredo Cáliz, and a member of the Women for Africa Foundation’s board of trustees, Ángeles Puerta. Their decision will be announced in November on Women for Africa’s website, and the winner will be informed personally using the e-mail or phone number they have indicated on submitting their participation.

On announcing their decision, the jury will take into account the technical and artistic quality of the work presented in the competition, as well as the photograph’s value as a documentary source to get to know more about the daily life of a large social group that forms part of our society.

Since this contest began in 2013, the Women for Africa Foundation has received nearly 1,200 photos that bring us closer to the true daily life of a social group made up of hundreds of thousands of people

The fourth time this contest was held last year, the first prize went to the photograph “The dream of movement” by José Antonio Grueso Perogil, while Mingo Venero won second prize with the photo “Fashion designer from Angola”.

The contest is part of our project “African Women in Spain,” which includes several activities aimed at raising awareness and getting to know more about the African women residing in Spain.

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