“Apples, Chickens and Chimeras” returns to the Sala Berlanga cinema


“Apples, Chickens and Chimeras” returns to the Sala Berlanga cinema

Wednesday, 22nd January, 2014. If you have still not seen “Apples, Chickens and Chimeras”, you have the chance to do so next Saturday 25th at 7 p.m. at the Sala Berlanga cinema in Madrid, where it was already screened last December. After showing the documentary, directed by Inés París for the Women for Africa Foundation, the audience can talk with the director about this work.

The “stars” of the film are: a writer, a waitress, an art gallery owner, a singer, a cook, a journalist, a seamstress, an actress, a cultural manager, a farmer who created an association of hundreds of women, an Olympic runner... They tell us why they came to our country, what image they had of Spain, what they found, how they got by and what their life is like now.

The Women for Africa Foundation’s areas of work include the audiovisual world, in which Inés París collaborates as an advisor. The idea for this documentary initially started out of the need to locate, investigate and document the social group of African women living in Spain. We decided to do so in the form of a documentary so that this work would have the utmost impact and would be able to reach the general public in the most effective way.

“Apples, chickens and chimeras” participated in the official section of the last SEMINCI festival in Valladolid, and premiered at the Callao Cinema in Madrid last October before being shown at several commercial cinemas.

Next Saturday’s screening forms part of the 5th Festival of Political Cinema Directed by Women, organized by the Sala Berlanga cinema.

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