“Apples, Chickens and Chimeras” in the Málaga film festival ‘Women in Film’


“Apples, Chickens and Chimeras” in the Málaga film festival ‘Women in Film’

Wednesday, 15th January, 2014. The documentary “Apples, Chickens and Chimeras” was shown yesterday in the Cánovas Theatre in Malaga as part of the ‘Women in Film’ festival. The aim of this exhibition, which kicked off on 5th November and will end on 11th February, is to promote and disseminate works by several women directors from our country as well as to raise awareness and advocate values such as equality, social justice and tolerance.

The third session in the festival series, screened yesterday, showed “Apples, Chicken and Chimeras”, directed by Inés París for the Women for Africa Foundation. This was followed by a panel discussion with the director. Among the audience there were students and representatives of women's associations and from the field of immigration.

Inés París’ documentary addresses the real situation of African women living in our country from a perspective different from the stereotypical image we often have of our neighbouring continent. The protagonists of the film are, in the words of the director, “optimistic women with a great capacity for learning and an incredible sense of humour.”

The documentary is part of the Women for Africa Foundation’s “African Women in Spain” project. This project originally came about through the need to locate, research and get to know these women better, with the intention of contacting them, seeing their needs first hand and creating projects suited to their needs and demands.

The film was part of the official section in the latest SEMINCI festival in Valladolid. It premiered on 29th October in Madrid chaired by Her Majesty the Queen.

The film series “Women in Cinema” is an initiative organized by the Andalusian Women's Institute (AMI in Spanish), in collaboration with the Andalusian Department of Education, Culture and Sport. It forms part of the project by the I AM_arte Institute. The Cero en Conducta social network is also participating in the organization.

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