Spanish National Biotechnology Centre - CNB


Spanish National Biotechnology Centre - CNB

Spanish National Biotechnology Centre (CNB) focuses on the application of contemporary biotechnology to major societal challenges in health, environment and agriculture.

Duration: 6 months. In individual cases and with approval of the host research center, the planned research may be split in two stays within two years after the fellowship has been awarded.
Working language: English
Academic Requirements: PhD with at least 3 years of post-doctoral professional experience 
Documents required: As in the application form

Research proposals shall cover the following lines:

  • Health
    Molecular, structural and synthetic biology aimed to improve the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases.
    Molecular mechanisms underlying inflammation, the processes that drive tissue-specific tumour development, as well as tumour immunology and the relationships among stem cells, inflammation and cancer. 
  • Environment
    Molecular environmental microbiology aimed at engineering bacteria for biodegradation of toxic pollutants or as biosensors to monitor the presence of chemicals. 
    Biotechnological applications of plants as biopharmaceutical factories or as tools to fight environmental pollution arising from spillages or the accumulation of toxic substances in the soil. 
  • Agriculture
    Signalling pathways involved in the adaptive responses of plant development and growth to environmental changes and pathogenic diseases. 
    Development of tools and methods to improve crop production and quality, selection of new varieties more resistant to pathogens or their modification to reduce fertiliser needs. 
  • Technology
    Development and application of key technologies in structural biology, systems and synthetic biology.


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