Kronikgune Research Center


Kronikgune Research Center

Kronikgune Research Center is focused on facilitating, improving or accelerating the implementation and innovation of strategies to face chronicity in society and health systems.

Duration: 6 months. The fellowship must be started end completed in 2018.
Working language: English
Academic Requirements: PhD with at least 3 years of post-doctoral professional experience 
Documents required: As in the application form

Research proposals shall cover the following lines:

  • Integrated care systems.

1.- Transfer and scale up processes on Care Coordination.

-  Stakeholder and change management, Service selection, Sustainability and business models and citizen empowerment.
Scaling-up of good practices in integrated care and tele monitoring, and transfer learning and knowledge on implementation, development of good practices.

2.- Analysis of health system maturity for integrated care development.

-  Assessment of the health system readiness for scaling up integrated care.

-  Provide a proven, refined tool to identify, analyze and facilitate knowledge transfer of the multidimensional maturity requirements of good practices and healthcare systems.

  • e-Health and personalized (patient-centred) interventions.

1.- Advanced ICT systems and services for integrated care.

-  ICT architecture that enables integrated personalized care plans for multimorbid patients.

-  ICT platform for creating an environment that integrates information and coordination activities and patient empowerment.

-  Personalized Care Plans development and management based on clinical guidelines supporting professional and patient decision-making and empowerment.

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