Institute of Photonic Sciences - ICFO


Institute of Photonic Sciences - ICFO

Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) is specialised in the science and technology of harnessing light as a pervasive and universal tool that benefits health, energy, information as well as safety, security and environment

Duration: 6 months. In individual cases and with approval of the host research center, the planned research may be split in two stays within two years after the fellowship has been awarded.
Working language: English
Academic Requirements: PhD with at least 3 years of post-doctoral professional experience 
Documents required: As in the application form

Research proposals shall cover the following lines:

  • Light for Health: medical optical devices, photonics for clean food and clean water
  • Light for Energy: optical sensors, photovoltaic energies, new materials, graphene
  • Light for Information: optical telecommunications, quantum information, optical sensors Laser Technologies: new lasers  
  • Light-based technologies for industrial processes

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