Institute of Mathematical Sciences - ICMAT


Institute of Mathematical Sciences - ICMAT

Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT). Its goal is to generate knowledge in all the areas of mathematics, particularly in Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics, Differential Geometry, Geometric Mechanics, Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations and Applications, Number Theory, Group theory, Statistics, Probability, Operations Research and Mathematics of Quantum Information.

Duration: 6 months. In individual cases and with approval of the host research center, the planned research may be split in two stays within two years after the fellowship has been awarded.
Working language: English
Academic Requirements: PhD with at least 3 years of post-doctoral professional experience 
Documents required: As in the application form

Research proposals shall cover, AMONG OTHERS,  the following lines:

  • Applied Probability, Statistics and Operations Research (statistical modelling, stochastic models in queuing and mathematical biology, and operations research); Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (the mathematical theory of kinetic models related to statistical physics and convective instabilities in geophysical problems); and Mathematics and Quantum Information: Foundations and Applications

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