DeustoTech conducts research mainly in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), with a special focus on areas such as Internet, Computational Intelligence, Energy and the Environment, Health and Quality of Life, Mobility and Logistics, and Education.

Duration: 6 months. The fellowship must be started end completed in 2018.
Working language: English
Academic Requirements: PhD with at least 3 years of post-doctoral professional experience 
Documents required: As in the application form

Research proposals shall cover the following lines:

  • Computing:

    In the Computing unit, we make sense of the world around us by turning data into information. Our research focus is in artificial intelligence, processing a big amount of data in several business areas focused on to create value from data. Computing has several open lines of collaboration with organisations and research centres on the topics of i) behaviour pattern detections ii) smart manufacturing iii) cyber-defence and security,  and iv) bioinformatics.

  • Mobility:

    This unit focuses its activity on research into the information and communication technologies (ICT) for application in the sector of transport, mobility and logistics. This research contributes to the development of Intelligent Transport Systems which can improve the mobility of people and goods, making them more sustainable, smart and comfortable.

  • Energy:

    The ultimate objective of the Energy Unit is perfectly aligned with H2020 European goals with respect to energy and climate change. In this line, we work hand to hand with enterprises, local administrations and governments to investigate, deploy and test solutions for a more efficient use of energy and resources developing projects related to the integration of renewable energy sources, implementation of smart grid, design and operation of basic urban infrastructures (water, gas and electric supply networks) environmental monitoring and surveillance, sustainable mobility, optimization of alternative (bio based) fuel generation processes, development of citizen collaborative tools for environmental education, etc.

  • CCM:

    The Chair of Computational Mathematics of DeustoTech  aims to develop an active research, training and outreach agenda in  Applied Mathematics. It is committed with the development of ground-breaking research in the areas of Partial Differential Equations, Control Theory, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing; key tools for technological transfer and for the interaction of mathematics with other scientific disciplines such as biology, engineering, social, earth and climate sciences.

  • Internet:

    This research unit faces societal challenges by the application of ICT, mainly Internet technologies. The team has expertise in holistic data life cycle management, reasoning and Learning techniques to enable smart environments and  the provision of Internet connected aumented objects which assist users in their daily actividades. We are applying our research to smart cities, environmental sustainability and open Government domains.

  • Life:

    ​Life group is committed to pursuing its innovative activities in the sphere of health and accessibility, more particularly, in the following areas:

    -  Independent Living: A development for e-inclusion of the disabled, active ageing and teleassistance,
    -  Health: Software for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring assistance in Otolaryngology, Oncology, Radiology, Digital treatment of MRI, Digital treatment of f-MRI, Dermatology, Biometry.

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