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In Madrid on 27th and 28th September the next edition of Views is taking place, the International Meeting on Policies for Development organised by Women for Africa (Mujeres por África) in collaboration with the Complutense University and the...
Friday, 3rd June, 2016. The exhibition of African Women directors by the Women for Africa Foundation (Mujeres por África), Women Make Movies, is opening its doors for the first time outside Madrid. As an activity parallel to the exhibition...

Tackling the terror of the bomb girls

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The terrible attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices and subsequent events in France have diminished the impact of one of the most terrifying events that have occurred in the world in recent years: the use of girls as suicide bombers by the Boko Haram criminals in Nigeria.

This terrorist group not only kidnapped nearly 300 girls last spring, who have yet to be released; not only does it sell its captives or use them as sex slaves; not only did it indiscriminately kill thousands of people in a single attack; now, it has gone as far as using girls as a weapon of war. Three girls, one of whom was only ten years of age, have detonated explosives attached to their bodies in two consecutive attacks in public places, killing at least 25 people.

What could be more terrible? If we are sickened by seeing child soldiers, as indeed we are, how are we supposed to feel and react when a small ten-year old girl is turned into an instrument of sheer...